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If Joseph Smith was creating the Book of Mormon on the fly, wouldn’t he sometimes struggle to know what to say?

Creatively dictating a book the length and complexity of the Book of Mormon would be no easy task however there is no evidence that Joseph experienced any kind of writer’s block or struggle to know what to say.

Evidence Central notes:

What is noticeably missing from these accounts is any report of Joseph creating different drafts of the manuscript or making any substantive revisions to its wording or content, as would be typical for the creation of a lengthy, complex document. Nor is there any report that Joseph ever struggled to know what to say. Instead, those closest to the translation consistently described him as simply looking into his divinely prepared translation instrument and reading off the words of the text.

Evidence Central – Book of Mormon Evidence: No Substantive Revisions

Why is there no evidence of Joseph giving up for the day when he had writer’s block? How did he manage to work his way through the book at a steady and consistent pace?


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