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Why would Joseph Smith take a chance on mentioning wine in the Book of Mormon?

The Book of Mormon mentions wine and grapes multiple times such as in Mosiah 11:15:

And it came to pass that he planted vineyards round about in the land; and he built wine-presses, and made wine in abundance; and therefore he became a wine-bibber, and also his people.

It has long been thought that wine did not exist in America until much later however John L. Sorenson notes:

[The Spaniards] spoke of “vineyards,” not planted in grapevines but in maguey plants, from which pulque, which they termed “wine,” was manufactured. Half a dozen different types of “wine” made from fruits other than grapes were identified by the Spanish explorers…[another researcher also] reports the Opata of northern Mexico used a drink made from native grapes. 

– John L. Sorenson, “Zaputo,” 335-336.

How would Joseph have known that? Why would he include this if it was thought to be anachronistic?


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