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What is our evidence that Joseph Smith had amassed a vast frontier library of alleged sources of the Book of Mormon?

Scholar Jeff Lindsay created a satirical skit to show the problem in claiming that Joseph Smith was able to write the Book of Mormon by amassing and consulting a vast library of books:

The dramatic script below is my attempt to summarize the scholarly and historical investigations of many noteworthy critics of the Book of Mormon, who have identified numerous nineteenth-century sources that Joseph Smith allegedly could have used in crafting the Book of Mormon. Though certain poetic liberties have been taken for purposes of dramatic presentation, every effort has been made to accurately conform to the detailed historical analysis of Book of Mormon critics by showing–for the first time–just how Joseph may have constructed his fabrication with the help of his accomplices. 

One Day in the Life of Joseph Smith, Amazing “Translator” of the Book of Mormon – Satirical Skit by Jeff Lindsay

Joseph Smith did not appear to have the time, money, education or interest to consult a vast library of books to create the Book of Mormon, so how did he manage to create it?


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