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Can there be any valid criticisms of the church?

Daniel Peterson asks: Can there be any valid evidence against the Church?

In response to this question he remarks:

Since the Church is ex hypothesi true, there can be no genuine evidence that it is false.  There can be seeming evidence against its claims, evidence that reasonable people might well regard as genuine and damning.  In the end, though, on the assumption that the claims of the Church are true, what seems to be genuine, damning evidence against it must ultimately prove not to be such.

…There might be evidence strongly suggesting that Frank killed Bob.  But if, in fact, it was Jim who killed Bob, and not Frank, the evidence suggesting that Frank was the murderer must eventually be reinterpreted as demonstrating no such thing.

…It’s in that sense that I say that there can, in the end, be no valid evidence against the claims of Mormonism.  Ultimately, you see, there can never be proof that something that is true is actually false.

Dan Peterson – Can there be any valid criticisms of the Church?

If the church is true, can there be any valid criticisms?


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