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If nothingness doesn’t scientifically exist, then doesn’t that mean there was something before the Big Bang?

It may be a popular opinion that the universe came from “nothing”, but “nothing” is a misleading term. 

Blake Ostler explains:

“Absolute nothing” is physically impossible because there is always the probability of wave-particles smaller than the Planck constant occurring even in the absence of any other physical reality. Instead, “nothing” is described in quantum theory as a quantum vacuum. This vacuum is not a negation of any physical states of affairs whatsoever as required by the doctrine of creatio ex nihilo. The quantum theory prohibits us from suggesting that there could be absolutely “nothing.” Quantum theory requires us to admit that even in the absence of space-time altogether, there is a quantum vacuum that is buzzing and alive with the energy manifested as “virtual particles.” This vacuum is the perfect description of chaos because it is the lowest energy state in which an entire system can reside. 

Blake Ostler – The Doctrine Of Creation Ex Nihilo Is A Big Fuss Over Nothing: A Response To Copan And Craig. 

What came before the Big Bang? If “nothingness” is actually “something”, then doesn’t that mean something has always existed and if so, what?


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