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If Joseph Smith had gotten names in the Book of Abraham from his environment, then why would he choose the name Shulem rather than Shillem?

In facsimile 3, figure 5, Joseph Smith explains:

Shulem, one of the king’s principal waiters, as represented by the characters above his hand

John Gee notes that the name Shulem is widely attested in Semitic languages, interestingly the form of the name varies across time and place. He summarizes:

The form of Shulem’s name is attested only at two times: the time period of Abraham and the time period of the Joseph Smith papyri. (Shulem thus constitutes a Book of Abraham bullseye.) If Joseph Smith had gotten the name from his environment, the name would have been Shillem.

John Gee – Shulem, One of the King’s Principal Waiters

What are the odds of this “bullseye” in the Book of Abraham?


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