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Why do we keep finding evidence that makes the Book of Mormon even more plausible and realistic?

Since the publication of the Book of Mormon, our understanding of the Near East and Mesoamerica have only gone to support the authenticity of the Book of Mormon. 

Daniel C. Peterson remarks:

Persons who choose to dismiss the Book of Mormon must find their own ideas for explaining it and the mounting evidence for its authenticity. And while we will never “prove” the Book of Mormon true, the trajectory of the evidence strongly suggests that it is exactly what it claims to be, a book worthy of our deep study, reflection, and serious personal prayer. Thousands of hours of research have produced the current blossoming of Book of Mormon studies that bless the lives of Latter-day Saints. They cannot be lightly brushed aside.

Mounting Evidence for the Book of Mormon – Daniel C. Peterson

Wouldn’t we expect the Book of Mormon to look less plausible over time if it were a fraud?


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