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How could Joseph Smith manage to seamlessly use the symbolic number 10 while dictating?

The number 10 is quite significant in scripture and signifies completeness. For example:

John W. Welch points out similar uses of 10 in the Book of Mormon:

Welch concludes:

The number ten seems to have been significant in the ancient world, especially in Israelite religious literature. Ten conveyed a tight cluster of symbolic messages associated with the divine realms, namely, completeness, perfection, worthiness, consecration, testing, justice, reverence, atonement, supplication, and holiness (to mention ten). Regardless of whether all ten of these meanings were overtly intentional or only unconsciously subliminal in any particular text, it seems clear that in-group audiences knew enough to look for these messages in pondering the scriptures. In most cases, these meanings are rooted in very early Israelite texts. Detecting these tenfold occurrences in the Book of Mormon uncovers a previously unnoticed ancient quality of Nephite scripture that was probably more obvious to ancient minds than it is to modern readers.

John W. Welch – Counting to Ten

Wouldn’t it have been difficult for Joseph Smith to seamlessly use the number 10 like this while dictating? 


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