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If Joseph Smith creatively dictated the Book of Mormon, why didn’t it need an editor to check for consistency etc?

The normal process for writing a book would involve an extended period of time writing drafts, rewriting those drafts and enlisting the services of an editor. The role of an editor is to read the manuscript, point out errors, offer suggestions and make edits.

Not only did the Book of Mormon appear to have no drafts at all but it also didn’t undergo the process of editing either. We see no evidence of any back and forth between an editor and Joseph, we only see the original manuscript and the printer’s manuscript which did not contain editorial changes.

After the dictation, the only editing that was made was to add punctuation. 

Having no editor means that the words dictated by Joseph were essentially the words that were published. 

How would Joseph have managed to creatively dictate a book that didn’t require an editor? Wouldn’t we expect many plot holes and inconsistencies that would need correcting?


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