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Why has no one ever come forward as the Book of Mormon’s author?

An important point when discussing the origin of the Book of Mormon is that no one else has ever claimed to be the author. Once the Book of Mormon was published there was every opportunity for someone to step forward and expose it as a fraud. 

No one has ever come forward even as a secret accomplice. There are no uncovered journal entries, no uncovered confessions. Not even a claim with minimal evidence. Nothing. 

This only strengthens the claim that Joseph really was the author and all the evidence suggests that he could not have done it from his own intellect. 

It would be very different if there was a credible person who came forward to say that they helped Joseph write the Book of Mormon, or any evidence uncovered now which shows that somebody else claimed they wrote it, but we don’t see any of this. 

If someone else was involved then why did they never come forward? Isn’t the simplest explanation that Joseph was fully responsible?


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