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How could Joseph Smith introduce roughly 200 new names not found in the Bible?

If Joseph Smith authored the Book of Mormon would we expect him to have used so many unique names? The Book of Mormon Onomasticon project notes that:

The Book of Mormon contains 337 proper names and 21 gentilics (or analogous forms) based on proper names…Of these 337 proper names, 188 are unique to the Book of Mormon, while 149 are common to the Book of Mormon and the Bible. 

Book of Mormon Onomasticon – Fun Facts About Our Onomasticon

What other author comparable to Joseph Smith created so many names? Where did he get all the names from and how did he not get confused keeping track of them all?  Would we also expect around 20% of the unique names to only be used once? Isn’t that a lot of unnecessary effort? 


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