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If the Book of Mormon was a product of Joseph Smith, would we expect it to be distinguished from other 19th century religious works by using 100 different names for Christ?

Susan Ward Easton has identified 100 names of deity in the Book of Mormon:

Almighty, Almighty God, Alpha and Omega, Being, Beloved, Beloved Son, Christ, Christ Jesus, Christ the Son, Counselor, Creator, Eternal Father, Eternal God, Eternal Head, Eternal Judge, Everlasting Father, Everlasting God, Father, Father of heaven, Father of heaven and of earth, Founder of Peace, God, God of Abraham God of Abraham and Isaac, and Jacob, God of Abraham and of Isaac and the God of Jacob, God of Isaac, God of Israel, God of Jacob, God of miracles, God of nature, God of the whole earth, Good shepherd, Great Creator, Great Spirit, Head, Holy Child, Holy God, Holy Messiah, Holy One, Holy One of Israel, Holy One of Jacob, Husband, Immanuel, Jehovah, Jesus, Jesus Christ, Keeper of the gate, King, King of heaven, Lamb, Lamb of God, Lord, Lord God, Lord God Almighty, Lord God Omnipotent, Lord God of Hosts, Lord Jehovah, Lord Jesus, Lord Jesus Christ, Lord of Hosts, Lord of the Vineyard, Lord Omnipotent, Maker, Man, Master, Mediator, Messiah, Mighty God, Mighty One of Israel, Mighty One of Jacob, Most High, Most High God, Only Begotten of the Father, Only Begotten Son, Prince of Peace, Prophet, Redeemer, Redeemer of Israel, Redeemer of the world, Rock, Savior, Savior Jesus Christ, Savior of the world, Shepherd, Son, Son of God, Son of Righteousness, Son of the Eternal Father, Son of the Everlasting God, Son of the Living God, Son of the Most High God, Stone, Supreme Being, Supreme Creator, True and Living God, True Messiah, True Shepherd, True Vine, Well Beloved, and Wonderful.

What other 19th century book is comparable to the Book of Mormon? How would Joseph Smith with his limited education manage to use so many names like this?

Susan Ward Easton – Names of Christ in the Book of Mormon


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