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Why is the Book of Mormon’s claim that Moses was translated backed up by non-biblical Jewish and Samaritan traditions?

Alma 45:19 claims that Alma was taken up by the Spirit, like Moses:

Behold, this we know, that he was a righteous man; and the saying went abroad in the church that he was taken up by the Spirit, or buried by the hand of the Lord, even as Moses. But behold, the scriptures saith the Lord took Moses unto himself; and we suppose that he has also received Alma in the spirit, unto himself; therefore, for this cause we know nothing concerning his death and burial.

Why would Joseph Smith have mentioned that the scriptures said this if it appeared to contradict the Bible?

Some Jewish and Samaritan texts claim that Moses indeed escaped death and was taken up by the Lord. In fact, some biblical scholars argue that there existed in Judaism two beliefs side by side as to whether Moses died or was taken up by the Lord. 

Evidence Central comments:

Evidence Central – Book of Mormon Evidence: Translation of Moses

Where would Joseph Smith have gotten this idea and why does it fit well with what would likely be on the brass plates?


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