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Where would Joseph Smith find time to maintain a chronological order of events in different parts of the book, such as Mormon’s letter to Moroni?

In addition to the 120 internal consistencies already noted, Moroni 9 includes multiple references of events that took place in Mormon 4-6. 

Evidence Central lists the internal consistencies:

  1. Losses in battle (Mormon 5:3-7 and Moroni 9:2)
  2. Hardened hearts (Mormon 4:11 and Moroni 9:5)
  3. Perseverance (Mormon 5:1 and Moroni 9:6)
  4. Prisoners and the Suffering of Women and Children (Mormon 4:13 and Moroni 9:7)
  5. Destruction and Desertion (Mormon 4:18 and Moroni 9:22)
  6. Securing the Records (Mormon 6:6 and Moroni 9:24)

How did Joseph Smith manage to do this without referring back to what had already been dictated? How did he manage to do this either side of dictating the Book of Ether which lists out 30 people then includes them into the following storyline in reverse order?


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