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How do we account for the miracles experienced or performed by the early Saints

In addition to the miracles of Joseph Smith, the early Latter-day Saints also experienced many miracles such as Sidney Gilbert not being shot, David Whitmer’s fields being plowed, J. and Margaret Shamp’s deaf daughter being healed, Amanda Barnes saving her son, Mary Fielding Smith’s ox being healed, Don Carlos and George A. Smith healing the sick, Elizabeth Crook and the dried meat, Ephraim Hanks’s miracles, Ella Jensen called back from the dead, Henry Ballard and the Newbury Weekly News, Louisa Mellor Clark’s pie, the miracle of the quail, Sophronia Stoddard healing, Lucy Mack Smith being cured of blindness, Newel K. Whitney healing Joseph after being poisoned, Joseph Smith’s most bitter enemies not recognizing him or his companions in Colesville and Wilford Woodruff healing twin children.

FAIR Latter-day Saints notes:

If turning water to blood could not convince Pharaoh to let the Israelites leave, a few miraculous events could not be enough to change anyone’s beliefs, especially the beliefs of modern-day skeptics.

Nevertheless, the plagues of Egypt bear a strong witness, even today, of Moses’ calling as a prophet. And in the same way, miracles of the early period of the Church serve as a testimony to the divine calling of Joseph Smith, and his mission to bring about a restoration of many of the sacred truths and doctrines lost from the early Christian church.

FAIR Latter-day Saints – Miraculous Events in Early Church History

Are all of these claimed miracles just coincidences? 


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