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How could Joseph Smith manage to use biblical content with such sophistication such as Isaiah and Micah in 3 Nephi?

Jesus delivers a sermon in 3 Nephi 20:10-23:5 which includes not only his own words but also the words of Isaiah and Micah from the Old Testament. There are 14 shifts between his own words and others he is quoting. 

While this alone is a difficult task for Joseph Smith to achieve while dictating the Book of Mormon, it is also part of a chiasmus identified by Victor L. Ludlow. 

Evidence Central presents the chiasmus as follows:

A. The Father and Son work together (3 Nephi 20:10)

B. Isaiah’s words are written, therefore search them (v. 11)

C. Isaiah’s words and the Father’s covenant with Israel will be fulfilled (v. 12)

D. Scattered Israel to be gathered (v. 13)

E. America an inheritance for the Nephites/Lamanites (v. 14)

F. Gentiles to repent & receive blessings (vv. 15–20; cf. Micah 5:8-9; 4:12–13)

G. A New Jerusalem and the Lord’s covenant with Moses, the Gentiles, etc. (v. 21–29)

H. Gospel preached and Zion established; the marred servant (vv. 30–44; cf. Isaiah 52:1–14)

I. Kings shall be speechless (v. 45; cf. Isaiah 52:15)

J. Covenant fulfillment and the work of the Father (v. 46)

K. A key sign to be given when things are “about to take place” (3 Nephi 21:1)

L. Gentiles learn of scattered Israel (v. 2)

M. These things in the Book of Mormon to come from Gentiles to you (Lamanites/Nephites) (v. 3)

N. Sign of the Father’s covenant with the house of Israel (v. 4)

M’. These works in the Book of Mormon to come from Gentiles to you (Lamanites/Nephites) (v.5)

L’. Some Gentiles to be with Israel (v. 6)

K’. Sign as Lamanites begin to know that the work “hath commenced” (v. 7)

J’. Work and covenant of the Father (v. 7)

I’. Kings shall be speechless (v. 8; cf. Isaiah 52:15)

H’. A great and marvelous work; the marred servant (vv. 9–10; cf. Isaiah 52:14)

G’. Moses, the Gentiles and covenant Israel (v. 11)

F’. Unrepentant Gentiles will be cut down (vv. 12–21; cf. Micah 5:8–15)

E’. America an inheritance for the righteous (vv. 22–23)

D’. Gentiles to help in the gathering of Israel and a New Jerusalem (vv. 24–25)

C’. Father’s work with his people (vv. 26–27)

A’. The Father and Son work together (vv. 28–29)

B’. Isaiah’s portrayal of Zion (Isaiah 54); search his words. (3 Nephi 22; 23:1–3)

How would Joseph Smith have been able to do this while dictating? 14 shifts between Jesus’ words and those of Old Testament prophets would be difficult enough, let alone using chiasmus at the same time. How would Joseph (who hadn’t read the whole Bible) know the Old Testament well enough to compose this section of the Book of Mormon? 


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