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Unless he was inspired, how could Joseph Smith achieve incredible and complex internal consistency while dictating the Book of Mormon?

 In 2020, Jeff Markham documented 120 internal consistencies in the Book of Mormon. When taken as a whole they are impressive and require a strong explanation as to how Joseph Smith managed it. 

Some of the internal consistencies are complex and span large parts of the Book of Mormon, the longest internal consistency references information mentioned 239 chapters earlier. Many are subtle but show a comprehensive understanding of the plot.

Keeping track of hundreds of names, events, timelines, visions, sermons, physical items, geography, etc. is a huge undertaking for any author, let alone one without any notes. 

Would we expect this kind of internal consistency from Joseph? Wouldn’t he have needed pages and pages of notes just to ensure internal consistency? If Joseph had taken time to ensure all this internal consistency then why didn’t he draw attention to it?


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