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Why does statistical analysis show a correlation between higher education and loyalty to Latter-day Saint beliefs? If the gospel was a fraud, wouldn’t the scholars and those who are more educated leave first?

Pew Research reports:

Among Mormons, those who are more highly educated are not simply as religious as those with less education – Mormons with college experience are more religiously observant, on average, than Mormons with less education. Fully 92% of college-educated Mormons are highly religious, as are 91% of Mormons with some college. Among Mormons whose education topped out with high school, however, just 78% score high on the index of religious observance.

Pew Research – In America, Does More Education Equal Less Religion?

Interestingly, Latter-day Saints buck the trend in this regard. Why do Latter-day Saints buck the trend that exists among other religions? Why do those who are more educated remain in the church and why are they more religious?


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