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If Joseph Smith did need to source the plates himself, is it likely he spent potentially 480 hours in a blacksmith shop hammering them out?

In 2021 Kyler Rasmussen estimated the total time of 480 hours needed to hammer out the gold plates. This is the total working time, so the work would likely span a much longer period of time. 

The times are also based on a low estimate of 80 plates rather than the high end of up to 1,000. The above figures at the Blacksmith’s are only for engraving hammering out the plates so we would also need to add in the figures required to:

If Joseph Smith created the plates on his own, where did he learn the required skills? How did he afford the materials needed to create the plates? How did he keep it a secret? Where did he go to do the work? Was he really that dedicated to his fraud to spend so much time creating the plates? How did he find the time to do it? If Joseph Smith created the plates then why did he pretend to translate from them? 


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