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Would we expect to see hal-clauses in the Book of Mormon if Joseph Smith created it himself?

Brian D. Stubbs explains:

Circumstantial  or (hal-clauses) denote an accompanying  state  or circumstance  that  has  previously  come  into  existence,  yet  is  still applicable  to  the  time  of  the  main  clause.  Two  structures  in English  that  structurally  best illustrate  the  presence  of  Hebrew  or Egyptian hal-clauses  include the  following:

1. being + past participle/adjective/noun

2. having  +  past participle (to  denote  a  previous  happening as  background):

Brian D. Stubbs – A Short Addition to Length: Some Relative Frequencies of Circumstantial Structures

An example of hal-clauses is found in Alma 2:1-2

And it came to pass in the commencement of the fifth year of their reign there began to be a contention among the people; for a certain man, being called Amlici, he being a very cunning man, yea, a wise man as to the wisdom of the world, he being after the order of the man that slew Gideon by the sword, who was executed according to the law—

Now this Amlici had, by his cunning, drawn away much people after him; even so much that they began to be very powerful; and they began to endeavor to establish Amlici to be a king over the people.

Where did Joseph Smith learn about hal-clauses? Why are there more than 5 times the amount of hal-clauses in the Book of Mormon compared to other writings of Joseph such as the Doctrine and Covenants? 


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