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What are we to make of Joseph Smith’s other fulfilled prophecies?

Joseph Smith also made many other prophecies which were fulfilled such as the Liberty jail prophecies, Word of wisdom prophecy, Newel Whitney prophecy, Genealogy prophecy, Stakes in Boston prophecy, Prophesying his own death, Dan Jones’s mission to Wales, Steven Markham prophecy and the Olmstead Johnson prophecy.

Of prophecies, Nephi Lowell Morris rightly points out

Time is the supreme test of a prophecy. He who undertakes to foretell events must know that Time in its merciless pursuit will find him out. Of all the pretenses of the false prophet, prophesying is the most hazardous. Religious impostors often display qualities of leadership in controlling the affairs of their followers. The more modest their pretenses, however, the more likely are they to escape detection and exposure. But when spiritual leaders assume to exercise the exalted function of prophecy, and have the courage to publish their prophecies, they place their reputations before the bar of the world, and as the weight of Time presses out the vintage of the centuries they must sink to a deserving oblivion or be exalted to a place in the skies. Time is a foe of Fraud, but the never-failing friend of Truth.

Nephi Lowell Morris – Prophecies of Joseph Smith and their Fulfillment

Why was Joseph Smith so confident to prophesy like this?


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