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Why do many of Friar Diego de Landa’s observations of the Yucatan resemble the Book of Mormon?

An early account of life in Mesoamerica is that of the Catholic Friar Diego de Landa recorded in 1566. No translation of his record was available to Joseph Smith but we see striking resemblances with the Book of Mormon. 

One resemblance was that of baptism. From Jeff Lindsay:

A major Mayan ritual was associated with being born again, purification, cleansing from sin, confession of sins to a priest, changing one’s nature to be a better person, and gaining salvation in the afterlife – all very LDS and Christian concepts (at least early Christianity – some of these concepts have been lost in some parts of modern Christianity). 

Jeff Lindsay – Friar Diego de Landa’s Observations on the Yucatan – Possible Echoes from the Book of Mormon?

Is it just a coincidence that the Mayans would have a ritual so close to Christian baptism?


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