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Why think it is just a coincidence that Moroni delivered the plates to Joseph Smith during the Feast of Trumpets?

The angel Moroni first appeared to Joseph Smith on September 21st 1823. The next day (September 22nd) Joseph went to the place where the plates were buried and was instructed to return to the same place every year on the same day until September 22nd 1827 when he was able to finally get the plates.

These dates seem to be of significance:

Of particular note is September 22nd 1827, the day Joseph finally received the plates, which fell on the same day as the Feast of the Trumpets. 

Lenet Hadley Read comments that:

Latter-day Saints can find it especially instructive to study some of the meanings Jewish scholars have attributed to the Feast of Trumpets. It signifies (1) the beginning of Israel’s final harvest, (2) the day God had set to remember His ancient promises to regather Israel, (3) a time for new revelation that would lead to a new covenant with Israel, and (4) a time to prepare for the Millennium.

Lenet Hadley Read – The Golden Plates and the Feast of Trumpets

Read concludes:

Was the coming forth of the Book of Mormon on the Feast of Trumpets coincidental? Latter-day Saints who know about these events do not think so. Scriptural and prophetic truth is often manifest through fulfillment. The golden plates were delivered to the young Prophet Joseph Smith early in the morning of 22 September 1827. The Feast of Trumpets, with prayers pleading for God’s remembrance of his still-exiled people, had begun at sundown the previous evening. The services continued that morning, with a worldwide sounding of the ram’s horn. Unbeknown to Judah, all that those horns represented was now to be fulfilled. For on that day, God remembered His people and set in motion His plan to regather them. On that day, God’s final harvest began. On that day, new revelation was granted which would bring a return to renewed covenants. From that day onward, Israel would be called to repentance in preparation for Christ’s return and reign. The Book of Mormon exists to serve these ends. Today, Moroni’s image trumpets from temple spires around the world a final call to awaken, repent, and prepare.

Lenet Hadley Read – The Golden Plates and the Feast of Trumpets

Of all the days in the calendar, why was the day Joseph received the plates of special significance?


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