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How did Joseph Smith (while dictating) manage to list a lengthy genealogy in Ether 1 and then discuss each person in reverse order throughout the rest of the book?

In the first chapter of the Book of Ether in verses 6-32, we read a list of 30 names. This list is the genealogy of Ether to Jared:

  1. Ether
  2. Coriantor
  3. Moron
  4. Ethem
  5. Ahah
  6. Seth
  7. Shiblom
  8. Com
  9. Coriantum
  10. Amniqaddah
  11. Aaron
  12. Heth
  13. Hearthom
  14. Lib
  15. Kish
  16. Corom
  17. Levi
  18. Kim
  19. Morianton
  20. Riplakish
  21. Shez
  22. Heth
  23. Com
  24. Coriantum
  25. Emer
  26. Omer
  27. Shule
  28. Kib
  29. Orihah
  30. Jared

What is incredible is that the rest of the Book of Ether gives an account of these same 30 people but in the reverse order. Beginning in chapter 6 verse 14 all the way through to chapter 11 verse 23. 

If Joseph Smith dictated the Book of Mormon without referring back to previous content or looking at any notes, how did he manage to do this? Simply reciting a list of 30 names backwards is impressive on its own, but including them into a coherent storyline is quite another. 

How did Joseph Smith do it? 


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