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How could Joseph Smith have guessed the god Elkenah?

In Abraham 1:6 we read of the god Elkenah:

For their hearts were set to do evil, and were wholly turned to the god of Elkenah, and the god of Libnah, and the god of Mahmackrah, and the god of Korash, and the god of Pharaoh, king of Egypt;

Where would Joseph Smith have learned about Elkenah if he is not found in the Bible?

Pearl of Great Price Central explains:

Elkenah is very likely the shortened form of the name of the Canaanite god El koneh aratz, meaning “God who created the earth” (or “God, creator of earth”). Among the ancient Hittites living in Asia Minor he was known as Elkunirsha.

Originally a Canaanite deity, his worship spread to the Hittite capital of Hattusha in northern Turkey, to Karatepe near the border of modern Turkey and Syria, to Palmyra in inland Syria, to Jerusalem, and to Leptis Magna in Libya. All told, Elkunirsha was worshipped for more than 1500 years—from the time of Abraham to the time of Christ

Pearl of Great Price Central – The Idolatrous God of Elkenah

What are the odds we find an Egyptian god that fits so well?


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