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If Joseph Smith had previously written the Book of Mormon in his own time, where are all the drafts?

One possible way to account for how Joseph Smith was able to create the long and complex Book of Mormon is to argue that before dictation he had previously written the book in his own time. In other words, Joseph was able to research all the topics required and finalize all the content before dictation.

The issue with this claim is that we have no evidence of any drafts or previous versions ever existing before the original manuscript which the scribes wrote. We would expect that a book the length and complexity of the Book of Mormon would require pages and pages of drafts, as Joseph tested his ideas and improved the book until it was complete.

If there were no drafts then Joseph would have needed to create the content on the fly while dictating which is an incredible achievement. 

Why do we have no evidence of any drafts ever existing? Why did no-one ever mention previous drafts or any pre-work before dictation?


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