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How did Joseph Smith manage to avoid correcting himself when dictating the Book of Mormon?

One incredible observation from Joseph Smith’s dictation of the Book of Mormon is that he did not appear to go back and revise old content during the translation process. This is supported by the original presentation of the original manuscript as well as the witness statements. Some mistakes were corrected at the time due to mishearing, but Joseph did not revisit previously dictated text to change it. 

This would be a remarkable accomplishment for any author dictating a book the length and complexity of the Book of Mormon, let alone Joseph Smith. 

How did Joseph manage to avoid corrections while maintaining so much internal consistency? Revisiting old content and editing previous text is a natural part of story writing which allows the author to correct errors and give more details when needed. Wouldn’t we expect the original manuscript to be full of corrections if Joseph was creating the content on the fly?


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