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What were the odds that the church would fill the earth?

Wilford Woodruff recounted when Joseph Smith prophesied during a priesthood meeting at Kirtland, Ohio, in April 1834:

Brethren, I have been very much edified and instructed in your testimonies here tonight, but I want to say to you before the Lord, that you know no more concerning the destinies of this Church and kingdom than a babe upon its mother’s lap. You don’t comprehend it.’ I was rather surprised. He said, ‘It is only a little handful of Priesthood you see here tonight, but this Church will fill North and South America—it will fill the world.

– Wilford Woodruff, in Conference Report, Apr. 1898, p. 57

At a time when there were about 4,000 members of the church, what were the odds this prophecy would turn out to be true?


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