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How come we also find chiasmus in the Book of Moses?

No-one noticed any instances of chiasmus in the Book of Mormon until fairly recently so why would Joseph Smith also include chiasmus in the Book of Moses?

Moses 1:1-2:1 contains an example of chiasmus:

A. The word of God, which he spoke unto Moses upon an exceeding high mountain (1)

B. Endless is God’s name (3)

C. God’s work and his glory (4)

D. The Lord has a work for Moses

E. Moses is in the similitude of the Only Begotten (6)

F. Moses beholds the world and the ends thereof (7-8)

G. The presence of God withdraws from Moses (9)

H. Man, in his natural strength, is nothing (10)

I. Moses beheld God with his spiritual eyes (11)

J. Satan came tempting him (12)

K. Moses’ response to Satan (13-15)

L. Moses commands Satan to depart (16-18)

M. Satan ranted upon the earth (19)

N. Moses began to fear

O. Moses called upon God

N′. Moses received strength (20)

M′. Satan began to tremble and the earth shook

L′. Moses cast Satan out in the name of the Only Begotten (21)

K′. Satan cried with weeping and wailing

J′. Satan departs from Moses (22)

I′. Moses lifted up his eyes unto heaven (23-24)

H′. Moses is made stronger than many waters

G′. Moses beheld God’s glory again (25)

F′. Moses is shown the heavens and the earth (27-31)

E′. Creation by the Only Begotten (32-33)

B′. God’s works and words are endless (38)

C′. God’s work and his glory (39)

D′. Moses to write the words of God (40-41)

A′. The Lord spoke unto Moses concerning the heaven and earth (Moses 2:1)

Why would Joseph Smith go to the effort of including chiasmus if it would go unnoticed?


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