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Why are we finding evidence that makes the Book of Abraham even more plausible and realistic?

There are many other evidences which make the Book of Abraham more plausible and realistic such as: Ancient Israelites and other Semitic peoples migrating into Egypt, the king of Egypt being a partaker of the blood of the Canaanites by birth, Ur and the “land of the Chaldeans”, the ancient owners of the Joseph Smith papyri, an ancient setting for Kolob, ancient Near Eastern creation myths, the divine foreordination of rulers, patterns of treaties and covenants and Near Eastern myths of the fall of Lucifer.

Pearl of Great Price Central writes:

Since at least the 1960s, Latter-day Saint scholars have explored the text of the Book of Abraham to see what clues might exist that situate it in a plausible ancient setting. They have also argued for the legitimacy of Joseph Smith’s interpretation of the facsimiles as Egyptological knowledge has progressed. These efforts, in conjunction with ongoing progress in the fields of Egyptology and Near Eastern archaeology, have uncovered numerous points of convergence between the text and the ancient world. Evidence for Joseph Smith’s interpretation of the facsimiles has also come to light. These various lines of evidence do not “prove” the Book of Abraham is true, but they do help us situate the text in a plausible ancient environment, inform how we read the text, and positively impact our evaluation of Joseph Smith’s claims to prophetic inspiration. 

Pearl of Great Price Central – Book of Abraham – Introduction

How would Joseph Smith be able to create such a realistic and authentic Book of Abraham?


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