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If Joseph Smith created the Book of Mormon through “automatic writing”, where did all the words come from?

Seeing how difficult it would have been for Joseph Smith to have created the Book of Mormon on his own, some have argued that Joseph dictated the book through automatic writing

Automatic writing is the process of creating content in some kind of trance. The writer is not conscious of what they are writing. There are examples of people being able to write beyond their abilities, but in these cases the author claimed to have been receiving the words from someone else, most often the dead. 

This explanation of the Book of Mormon is odd as it invokes a supernatural explanation which has much less evidence than the supernatural explanation that Joseph claimed. If Joseph was involved in automatic writing then who was he receiving the words from? Could he not have been receiving the words from God? Or Moroni?

What evidence do we have that Joseph was engaging in automatic writing? If we appeal to a supernatural explanation then why appeal to the one which has less evidence?


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