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Why does Alma 49:22 curiously say that arrows were “thrown”?

In Alma 49:22 it says:

Now when they found that they could not obtain power over the Nephites by the pass, they began to dig down their banks of earth that they might obtain a pass to their armies, that they might have an equal chance to fight; but behold, in these attempts they were swept off by the stones and arrows which were thrown at them; and instead of filling up their ditches by pulling down the banks of earth, they were filled up in a measure with their dead and wounded bodies. (emphasis added)

It is quite curious that Joseph would say that stones and arrows were “thrown”, they are usually shot or cast. However the Hebrew verb “yara” means all three. It means to throw, shoot or cast, which means it is entirely appropriate to say that stones and arrows are both thrown.

How do we explain this choice of wording from Joseph Smith?


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