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Is it by chance that there are meaningful similarities between the stone box containing the Nephite relics, and the Israelite Ark of the Covenant?

Joseph Smith described multiple artifacts in the stone box which Moroni directed him to:

Arriving at the stone, [Joseph Smith] again lifted it, with the aid of superhuman power, as at first, and secured the first, or uppermost article, this time putting it carefully into the pillow-case, before laying it down. He now attempted to secure the remainder; but just then the same old man appeared, and said to him, that the time had not yet arrived for their exhibition to the world; but that when the proper time came he should have them, and exhibit them with the one he had now secured; …. Joseph ascertained that the remaining articles were a gold hilt and chain, and a gold ball with two pointers. The hilt and chain had once been part of a sword of unusual size; but the blade had rusted away and become useless.

– Fayette Lapham, “The Mormons,” Historical Magazine 8, no. 5 (May 1870): 307:

These artifacts were passed down through the centuries by the Nephites so were of great significance to them, Evidence Central notes how recent research has shown these artifacts are very similar to what the Israelites passed down through generations in the Ark of the Covenant:

This would make sense if a group of Israelites branched off and kept similar traditions in the New World. What are the odds that the stone box would include so many similar items to the Ark of the Covenant?


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