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Didn’t the six witnesses who left the church and had a personal animus against Joseph Smith have the perfect opportunity to expose him?

All of the Three Witnesses, plus three of the Eight Witnesses left the church and were hostile towards the church or Joseph Smith for a period of time: 

We would expect this to be the perfect opportunity for one of the witnesses to expose Joseph if they wanted to so why did none of them do it? Why did none of them ever confess to lying?

Kyler Rasmussen asks:

What should we do with this apostasy? How likely would someone be to maintain the story even after parting ways with the church? As a psychologist, this is the issue that gets to me. It’s extremely difficult for me to imagine someone of sound mind acting so contrary to their own emotions and motivations. In my view, it’s essentially impossible.

Kyler Rasmussen – Estimating the Evidence – Episode 5: On Witnesses

Why is it not compelling evidence? Why would some never return to the church but still never deny their testimony?


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