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Why would Joseph Smith go to such effort to make realistic ancient items such as the Liahona only for them to disappear?

Joseph Smith was not only given the gold plates, but other items too. David Whitmer wrote:

Joseph, Oliver Cowdery and myself were together, and the angel showed them [the plates] to us. … [We were] sitting on a log when we were overshadowed by a light more glorious than that of the sun. In the midst of this light, but a few feet from us, appeared a table upon which were many golden plates, also the sword of Laban and the directors. I saw them as plain as I see you now, and distinctly heard the voice of the Lord declaring that the records of the plates of the Book of Mormon were translated by the gift and power of God.

– Cook, David Whitmer Interviews. 63.  

None of the witnesses ever denied seeing the artefacts but no artefacts remain today. Wouldn’t it have taken a long time for Joseph to create them? Where and when did he make them?


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