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Why are we finding Abraham’s name in Egyptian texts, including lion couch scenes?

Why would Joseph Smith connect Egyptian facsimiles with the Abraham of the Bible?

John Gee explains how recent examination of evidence shows that the name of Abraham does indeed appear in late Egyptian texts:

There are dozens of references to Abraham in Egyptian texts, some of which have traditionally, been called “magical,” although many scholars are not sure how to distinguish ancient magic from religion. The references occur in five different languages—Demotic, Old Coptic, Coptic, Greek, and Hebrew. Here, we mention six of the references to Abraham, dating to the third century A.D., most of which came from Thebes, the place where the Joseph Smith papyri were found, and were originally acquired by Giovanni d’Anastasi, who sold them to several museums in Europe.

John Gee – Research and Perspectives: Abraham in Ancient Egyptian Texts

Why is Abraham’s name found on a lion couch scene similar to facsimile 1? Why are we now finding so many references to Abraham in Egyptian texts that have all come forward after the publication of the Book of Abraham?


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